IBM Maximo Workflow experts

WF700x400Our Maximo consultants have expertise with workflow design anddevelopment. Did you consider that it is possible that you are not currently extracting the best advantages that IBM Maximo workflow tools can deliver to your business? Or maybe your business is not using workflow at all! This isserious!

If you are not sure how a well designed workflow can help you, take a look at this article:

10 benefits of workflows

Want to know the basics about workflow design in Maximo? See you soon!

MaximoCon Quickies – Item and Inventory

Check this out: Our first video in english on our new youtube channel:


This is a basic video about Item, Storeroom and Inventory applications.

I created a new item and a new storeroom and then added the Item to the storeroom. To finish the video I went through some of the basics about the inventory application.