IBM Maximo Asset Maintenance for the next couple of years – IOT and Mobile

IBM Maximo is consistenly evolving and dinamically adapting to new scenarios and innovating with the highest technology. Therefore, we can see that with increased efficiency and improved ability to achieve goals, IBM is giving strategical attention to Maximo, and innovating in the Internet of Things (IOT) and Mobile fields.

Please see below Maximo timeline for the next couple of years.


Maximo has a infinite range of possibilities with IOT that are already functional, as:

  • Real time data from low cost add-on sensors or embedded.
  • Real time alerts.
  • Real time filtered data from automation systems.
  • Historical trends of sensor data.
  • Informations in real time about temp, humidity, weather, usage , output, etc.

Define Asset Health using data from Maximo with IOT and Real-time is a reality , making accurate the remaing useful life, maintenance, failure history and asset condition. We can also track assets geographically with rich set of sensors. The Maximo Condition Monitoring app is an already existing application that monitors stream data to detect situations in real time.

Mobile is also part of a digital transformation allowing remote work, online and offline, and as you can see in the figure below, Mobile apps is a tendency that gives companies a whole array of features to make the enterprise productive and organized. IBM Maximo has a number of apps that enables a very effective and operative mobile use.


Author: Giovani Augusto Quintao Pereira




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